The Jamtoday winners’ chronicles

The Jamtoday winners’ chronicles

Nunzio Cassisi and Bruno Candita were the European winners of the previous edition of JamToday: they were students at the Politechnic of Turin with a passion for videogames. One year later  we contacted them  for asking what they’re doing now.

Q: Last year you decided to join to the Turin Jam Today, 2014. Why?  
A: We have decided to participate in the Jam Today 2014 because we love games and developing them. Events like the Jam Today are the best places to express these passions and to meet people that share your same passion.
2015-02-11 11.18.12

BrunoCandita at the JamToday FAir

Q: What did you like the most and what did you suggest for this edition? 
A: Surely the best thing was when we went to Brussels to show our game and to compete with other best games of the other countries. One thing that could be improved is to provide to the winners of each nation economic aid for the journey to the JamToday Fair
Q: What did you think when you got the information you were the selected team from Turin and you’d were invited to the European Fair? 
A: We were studying together when Eleonora Panto told us via email that we had been selected to represent Italy in JamToday Fair. Two big smiles were printed on our faces, we were very happy and in a moment we started to look for a flight to can attend the JamToday Fair in Brussels. It was absolutely unexpected but we were sure about the great qualities of Compilator and we have always believed that the European jury could reward us by choosing Compilator as the best game from the Italian Jam.
Q: How was the Bruxelles experience and what you liked the most? 
A: The experience in Brussels was very useful because we could  understand better the differences between Italy and other European countries in the field of serious games. We had a chance to try all the best games of the other countries and to participate in some very interesting conferences. When Compilator was chosen as the best European game we still did not believe it. We have got compliments directly from some participants of the Fair but never thought of being “the best”. That joy has paid off all the efforts made to can go to Brussels and the time spent in developing Compilator.
2015-02-11 11.17.56Nunzio CAssisi at the JamToday Fair

Q: What are you doing now? 

A: Currently I’m (Nunzio speaking) working as Game Programmer in Freejam, an independent game development studio based in Portsmouth UK, responsible for developing and publishing Robocraft, a very successful multiplayer game with more than 6 milion registered players. While Bruno is going to achieve a Master Degree in Graphics and Computer Animation at the Politecnico di Torino.

Q: Will you participate to the Turin Jam Today 2015? 
A: Unfortunately this year we will not take part in the Jam Tooday, I am super busy with my job while Bruno is super busy with the thesis. We are very sorry but we will follow the event through the website and we will test the best games of each country.
Thank you Nunzio and Bruno,  good luck with your job and study,  may our 2015 jamtoday teams match your achievements.

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