Play, Learn, Change during #hackunito

Play, Learn, Change during #hackunito

Play, Learn, Change is one of the project presented in the #hackunito initiative of the University of Turin.  Game-based learning, serious games, applied games, games with a purpose, gamification: different variations to use the game potential to increase the effectiveness of learning, to break down stereotypes and change attitudes in general.

The Game Jam is an effective method to stimulate innovation in the creation, development and distribution of educational games. A Game Jam is a 48-hour marathon, where it is possible to develop a video game starting from a given topic and create a team gathering different skills: programmers, visual designers, musicians, graphic artists, programmers, game designers. JamToday is an European project that organizes game jams to develop serious games to support learning: the 2014 challenge is focused on improving ICT skills.

Play, Learn, Change wish to start a collaboration with the JamToday project in order to design a framework for gamification suitable to the University needs.

The # hackUniTO main objective is to activate energies and engagement to improve quality of life, starting with the local community by involving other realities with which to start courses collaboration . # hackUniTO is the context in which the University provides expertise, tools and skills for those who want to accept the challenge of innovation and be agents of change.

The event, to be held at the Campus Luigi Einaudi, Lungo Dora Siena 100 in Turin, on May 12 to 17 , 2014, it is aimed at all those who work and study at the university on a daily basis, but also to all communities who ‘ live’ in directly or indirectly in the territories (citizens, businesses, schools, local authorities, etc. )

Attending # hackUniTO means to become active participants in the change and do not wait that changes and solutions “fall down”. It means having the opportunity, as service users, to “positively affect” the service design and delivery, as well as the organization of players in charge of these business services.


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