Our second event. Serious games and health (PART TWO)

Our second event. Serious games and health (PART TWO)

Tuesday 15th, at Lombroso 16, we talked about freelancing in the international gaming industry with Davide Di Giannantonio and how to adopt a healthier lifestyle with Elisabetta Farina.
The subjects debated were apparently very contrasted but somehow they had a connection, they can be related as they can both create a serious game.
Davide summarized his work experience, starting from his studies to his collaboration in the videogame Halo2. He talked about how difficult it is for a freelancer 3D artist to work in Italy whilst it’s very known and common to do so abroad. One of the main problems Italy has, comparing to other foreign countries, is the lack of subjects concerning 3D modeling, developing videogames in the educational system.
The other part of the event was dedicated to the relation between healthy life and videogames. We talked about the thin difference between health and wellness and how sometimes people confuse these two. Elisabetta enlighted us on some aspects of our daily life, for example, on places where we usually keep our medicines. Is it really “ok” to store medicines in the bathroom’s locker?

The talk ended with a very interesting video, presented by professor Roberto Merletti from Lisin (Politecnico di Torino), showing an experiment of how you can move toy cars through muscles contraction.

If you’ve missed the event. We recorded everything for you here 🙂

Davide di Giannantonio: http://www.davidedigiannantonio.com/
Roberto Merletti: http://www.lisin.polito.it/ver_it.htm







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