New Game Designer 2015

New Game Designer 2015

PONG – Playlab fOr inNovation in Games is the laboratory of the Computer Science Department at the Università degli Studi di Milano and they mean to become  a cultural landmark for quality research on videogames, in the broadest sense of the term.

PONG promote the 2015 edition of NEW GAME DESIGNER on July 2, thati is the event dedicated to video games promoted by the University of Milan, in collaboration with AESVI and Ubisoft, which involves actually more influential in the international gaming scene.

The event is the opportunity to present the prototypes made by the students, through a competition between the University and the Polytechnic of Milan.

First university in Italy, the Statale of Milano has opened last year a course of study with focus Videogames – accredited by Ubisoft Milan – developed in the Laboratory PONG, Playlab fOr Innovation in Games, real breeding ground of young programmers, coveted gaming industry International.

Besides many important players of the videogames industry like Ubisoft and Disney, it will be possible to meet professional players of League of Legends; the little robots of the First Lego League Italy; board games (KaleidosGames, The Lair of the Goblin and European University Mind Sports); education and art exhibitions (Neoludica Game Art Gallery, Event Horizon School of Digital Art, Digital Bros Game Academy.

CSP will take part presenting JamToday project and promoting the next TurinJamToday that will take place on 19.20 September, with the support of Treatabit and T-union.

See you in Milan!


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