JamToday Fair – Are you joining us?

JamToday Fair – Are you joining us?

Over the last year JamToday has organised almost 20 game jams in cities throughout Europe and made over 100 games relating to all aspects of Health & Well-Being. In Barcelona on the 30th of November and 1st of December we invite you to meet the experts, game designers, policy and research specialists who can help you to use game design to tackle the issues in which you are interested. We promise you an engaging and learning experience, with presentations, hands-on sessions, workshops and the chance to observe a live game jam.

In 2015 JamToday tackled the area of Healthcare and Wellbeing. In 2016 the annual thematic area will be Learning Mathematics. The JamToday Fair will focus on these two areas with professionals and keynote speakers from both areas. Our aim is to bring you up-to-date with applied games and how to run a game jam.

During 2015, the JamToday network organised game jams in 15 cities across Europe: Barcelona, Genk, Glasgow, Graz, Hamburg, Helsinki, Linz, Luxembourg, Metz, Milan, Munich, Oviedo, Paris, Sofia, Turin, Utrecht.

Some of the jammers from the TurinJamToday will participate to Business Game Jam.

The Business Game Jam will take them through the entrepreneurial cycle, step-by-step, challenge after challenge, so that they can learn by playing. The kind of output we expect will be mission and vision statements, a mock-up product box, using the visual business model canvas, designs for logo and branding and so forth. We will have experts and visitors on hand to provide mentorship, tools and advice to the different teams. At the end of the day the teams will pitch their product and the business model around it and in so doing bring the game jam to its next level.



During the the second day of the fair expert of teaching math with game  will discuss the next year assignment and we’re very proud to announce that also  two professor from University of Turin will take part: Giulia Ferrari and Francesca Ferrara

And last but not least,  the panel  Game Jam Experiences – Lessons Learned will discuss the results of European Game Jams


Hope we’ll meet there!



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