Italian Scratch Festival

Italian Scratch Festival

The Dschola Association proposes the third edition of Italian Scratch  Festival (ISF), a contest to award videogames developed by secondary school students. The ISF aims  to promote teaching and learning of programming in an innovative way, stimulating the students’ creativity in their first two years of the secondary schools.

The Scratch language is seen as a tool that can easily bring the students to the programming concepts, by encouraging their curiosity and desire to learn.

The award entries were submitted by the 30th of April.
The finalists selected by the jury will be informed at the beginning of May and invited to attend the award ceremony, to be held in Turin at the Scratch Day May the 17th, 2014, at the ITI Majorana, where prizes will be awarded to the top 5.

We invite you to participate by submitting the most significant and original recreational and educational projects, provided that they are developed in Scratchn and by the students.

And may the best win!


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