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How to get here

The event will take place at Treatabit, which is part of I3P, the main italian incubator and one of the biggest in europe (4th according to the UBI Index and 11th in the world).

If you come from outside Turin, trains are your friends. Trenitalia and Italo offer fast train connections with pretty much all major cities. If you live too far away, Caselle Airport is really close to the city center and Ryanair flies there.

If you are from Turin, GTT lines 94 and 56 stops are really close. If you get here by car, there’s free parking in the area.

What to bring

The usual stuff and the unusual stuff :-) You are expected to bring your computer, your charger and whatever piece of nerdy equipment you need to survive (mouse, mousepad, mouse glove, power glove, power ball, a flying monkey, …). If you plan to sleep (yes, some people do, some don’t), bring any sleeping equipment you need or like (a queen size inflatable bed with christmas carols and lighting is probably our threshold for “ok”). We also recommend you to bring power plugs and ethernet cables, in case we don’t have enough or the wifi goes irreparably down. We don’t expect it to go down, but you never know, so be prepared.

Where to sleep

We cannot afford to pay hotels or arrange for couch surfing service this year, but 50% of the space will be allocated as “Morpheus Realm”, where you can move with your sleeping bag and crash for a few hours anytime during the event. There are a few hotels nearby, in case you fancy a comfy bed and a hot shower for the night. Moreover, you can always check out airbnb to get a cheap place with your friends, perhaps stay a couple of extra days to visit Turin.


The event will take place at Treatabit, which is located exactly at: +45°3’54.81″, +7°39’24.39″. In case you prefer addresses, you can use this one:

TreataBit c/o I3P, Incubatore di Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino
via Pier Carlo Boggio 59
10138 Torino

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