Game Happens 2015

Game Happens 2015

Game Happens! 2015 is a workshop and a networking event focusing on the future of games and on the economic growth of the video game industry in Italy. Villa Bombrini is welcoming this second edition themed Beyond the Screen. This edition focused on digital games that interacts with the external world, using different controllers, also human controllers.


Game Happens! 2015 took place on June 26th, 2015 at Villa Bombrini – Genova Cornigliano –

The program

Outerworld: main conference (h. 10-13), VR and wearable devices roundtable (h. 16-18)
Innerworld: indie game showcase and mini talks (h. 14-20)

I appreciated very much the presentations from Lena Mech about urban games and Michelle Westerlaken about games beyond screen and humans, playing with animals. I was very interested to hear from Adrian Hon, the inventor of Zombie, Run!  as this year Turin Jam Today is about “healthier lifestyle” … the most important lessons was “Get fits because is fun, not because you feel guilty”

Also the roundtable about VR and wearable was interesting, and it seems to be that despite every hype Vr/Ar will work better for learning/training/rehabilitation than for fun.

Nice people, nice weather, nice location, nice games. Looking forward Game happens 2016.

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