Do serious games really promote learning?

Do serious games really promote learning?

Following to this Adobe report “Serious game are designed with the intention of improving some specific aspect of learning, and players come to serious games with that expectation. Serious games are used in emergency services training, in military training, in corporate education, in health care, and in many other sectors of society. They can also be found at every level of education, at all kinds of schools and universities around the world. Game genre, complexity, and platforms are as varied as those found in casual games. Play, an important contributor to human development, maturation, and learning, is a mandatory ingredient of serious games.”

The games for learning   are going to a renaissance thanks of using f learning apps on mobile devices. Following to this article on GamesBeat the market of Serious Games is expect to grow  from $1.5 billion in 2012 to $2.3 billion in 2017. The larger simulation-based learning market, which includes corporate training games, is expected to grow even more from $2.3 billion in 2012 to $6.6 billion in 2017. Altogether, the learning games market will grow from $3.9 billion to $8.9 billion in 2017. Much of the growth will come from apps that target the mobile market.

There is already a vaste literature about the value of serious games in education and their potential benefit, but there is a debate going on about which features are really effectiveness in supporting learning, in engagin learners and the outcomes that can be  achieved through game play.  With the JamToday project we are trying to promote the use of educational games in learning, through the organization of an european hub of game jams.

For the Turin Jam Today –  our local game jam within JamToday –  CSP is organizing some preparation events in order to help jammers to be more prepared to the marathon. The second event is on Tuesday, June 10th and is about “How to design a Serious Game” in collaboration with T-Union- 34bigthing. Reserve your seat now 🙂  see you there!



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