Teams and games 2015

TEAMS of 2015’s TURIN JAM TODAY edition


How long did you live

Zolfo team developed an infinite racing game with procedural forking routes (Safe route in which the player gets bonus and unsafe route in which the player gets malus). The game ends when the player lose all of his Life Points. The Purpose of the game is to survive as many years as possible (represented by a timer).

DOWNLOAD HERE –> How long did you live (zip file 840 MB)


Gran Carriera

Gran Carriera is a running game about an athlet who wants to be the best.
Granka, the athlet, runs through this infinte game to preserve his perfect shape and become good enough to win athletic competitions. As he runs, he runs into many types of food, some are good for his health, some are not so good.
In order to keep running he needs to make choices about the food he eats, so that he doesn’t get too fat, skinny or unhealthy.
As you can see, the target of the game is to run as much as you can and keep winning trophies during Granka’s carreer.
The other, hidden, target of the game is to implicitly teach the player how important is to have a balanced nutrition and healthy habits.

DOWNLOAD HERE –> GranCarriera


This is a management game that tries to improve your lifestyle, with a series of choices according to your real life. And a lot of fun!

DOWNLOAD HERE –> healtine


El Gnomo Loco

“El GNomo Loco” is the first multiplayer game that allows collaborative play between children with severe motor disabilities and their normally developing friends.
The players access the game differently according to their abilities: in the case able-bodied persons the controls are standard (mouse and keyboard), while in the case of children with severe motor disabilities the input device is a single switch.
Both players have to collaborate to kill as many aliens as possible, while driving a shared car through a series of randomly generated platforms. One player drives, and the other shoots! However, they have to be careful because the roles can change in the middle of the game (if they step on special platforms): who was driving now is shooting and viceversa. The game is capable to adapt itself to the different types of interaction according to the current role of each player.
In particular, when the player with severe motor disabilities is driving, he can select the next platform where he wants to jump through the NOMON mode of interaction. On the other hand, her teammate aim and shoots the aliens by aiming with standard controls (keyboard or mouse). In a similar way, when the roles are inverted (player with disabilities shoots and the other player drives), the platforms are not longer selectable with NOMON, but the aliens are in order to be killed. The able-bodied player now drives and jumps with the keyboard arrows or an analog joystick.
In conclusion, this game encourages collaborative playing between persons with different levels of ability (children that rely on one-switch interfaces and their normally developing peers). Moreover, this game is not only meant to be useful for the social inclusion of persons with physical disabilities, but it can also be played in a rehabilitation contexts to foster residual and new skills. Finally, this game can be customized according the ability level and the interaction preferences.




Hansel was captured by a perfidious witch, who is trying to make him every day fatter. You are Gretel and you must help your brother to avoid fattening and to escape from the witch.



Circle of life

Circle of Life is a board serious game and minimum two players are required to play the game.
The purpose of the game is to highlight, how a regular and a well balanced style of life impacts the health and the quality of Life itself.
In this game the goal of each player is to have more points than the opponents, at the end of the game. The points are distributed at the end of each three phases of the game, which symbolize the three phases of human life; Youth, Adulthood and Old age.
Before each phase the player has to decide how to invest his resources in that particular round. This choice will determine the players score.
The effectiveness of the players choices will depend on which cards get activated each phase.
The key point consists of the gradual decrease of random component’s power: in order to win, it is convenient to invest in the right way in those factors which have a positive influence on our health during all the game, this could not be so evident to the player during the first phase, but clearly it is evident at the end of the game.

DOWNLOAD HERE –> Circle of Life by Mat Team and Circle of Life – Presentation